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Friday, December 11, 2009

Zoo Tycoon 2 Cretaceous Calamity

Zoo Tycoon 2 | Tutorial I | Hybrid Exhibit
How to make a basic hybrid exhibit for Zoo Tycoon 2. I did miss one bit out though - When you lanscape your exhibit, always smoothen the terrain in the water, it makes it look much more natural :D Songs: My Chemical Romance - The Sharpest Lives Lightspeed Champion - Tell me What it's Worth 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

Zoo Tycoon 2 | Tutorial VII | Food Courts | Part 1
The video was too long so I split them into two parts - again :l These are a couple of ways to make your food courts new and original :) Songs: Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson - Good People Jack Johnson - Taylor

Zoo Tycoon 2 Animal Download part 1
dei download su zoo tycoon

zoo tycoon 2 cretaceous calamity
heres some of the animals from the mysteryous map marvels new expansion pack DONT KEEP POSTING COMMENTS SAYING I MISSED SOME I DID MISS SOME BECAUSE I COULDNT FIND PICTURES

Zoo Tycoon 2 | Tutorial IX | Observation Areas
Ever wanted to give your guests the best view possible? Then look no further (: Songs used: The Killers - I Got Soul But I'm Not a Soldier The Killers - Under the Gun

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